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ABLE E-Board Open Positions & Duties

How to Apply

Below are the open positions on the ABLE Executive Board for Spring 2022. Review each position and description carefully to determine which you feel best suited for. Then submit a copy of your professional resume AND cover letter (one page), along with a short but detailed plan of action for an idea you have in relation to the role you are applying for (on a page following the cover letter). Please submit these to no later than Monday, November 28th. Please format the subject line of your email as Director of Affairs Application for John Smith, sophomore. In your email, also list your availability on 12/2. At that time, the ABLE Executive Board will review your submission and contact you either offering or denying you an interview. Please note that if you interview for one position but the Executive Board feels you fit another position better, we will offer you that position. You will then have the option to accept or deny the position. Interviews will take place on 12/2. If selected for an interview, you will be given a time slot on one of those days and will be asked to confirm within 24 hours. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or a certain E-Board member.


ABLE has maintained its presence and success over the years due to the continuing dedication and passion of the Executive Board. Joining the ABLE Executive Board is a significant (but worthwhile!) commitment, so please take that into consideration. All of us on E-Board have a genuine love and appreciation for the club and dedicate time to focus on ABLE-related tasks throughout the week. You will be expected to make that same commitment! While we will be making our decisions partially on qualifications, we also are looking for members whom we feel care deeply about the club as a whole. If you are on the fence about applying, you can always reach out. We highly recommend that you take the leap of faith and do it if you are thinking about applying for the Executive Board!



  • Current Executive Board Member: Logan Lis
  • Responsible for recording minutes at all executive board meetings
  • Compose and edit weekly emails to send to the member listserv
  • Monitor and respond to emails from members, outside organizations, alumni, and actively hiring companies
  • Design and create spreadsheets for scheduled class visits
  • Record and monitor attendance of all members at events and meetings
  • Label and organize emails and documents on the drive
  • In charge of monitoring GroupMe messages and members


Director of Affairs

  • Current Executive Board Member: Steven Lopeck
  • In charge of member satisfaction and relationship management with the current members of ABLE, School of Business, and ABLE alumni
  •  Lead the ABLE Alumni Fund, Alumni Spotlight, Alumni Event, and numerous other alumni initiatives
  • Create a newsletter once a semester that reports ABLE and alumni news
  • Create content for and manage LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Post in year Facebook pages about Informational at the beginning of semester
  • Distribute and analyze the results of end of semester member surveys
  • Organize one alumni event each year (Spring)
  • Take pictures at meetings and events


Creative Director

  • Current Executive Board Member: Ray O’Keeffe
  • Maintain and oversee the ABLE website and its related operations
  • Modify website appearance when needed
  • Update and lay out upcoming events in the “Events” tab on the website
  • Create and edit promotional videos
  • Update countdown videos
  • Design new logos and designs for various uses
  • Update active members list on website, along with alumni list
  • *Note: The Creative Director is the ONLY person who has control over the website


Community Service President

  • Current Executive Board Member: Brenda Sanchez-Ruiz
  • Passion for helping others and giving back to the local community and thinking outside of the box for new ideas
  • Skilled at organizing and coordinating community service events and maintaining professional contacts
  • Continue foraging relationships within the Albany community with outstanding organizations we serve
  • Plan and execute creative event ideas and initiatives that add variety and spark member interest
  • Help in the creation of flyers for tournaments and t-shirts for fundraisers
  • Design fundraising t-shirts for big events including the Breast Cancer Walk and Relay for Life
  • Keeping in contact with general members about community service events through GroupMe and other social medias
  • Keep ABLE involved in university, local, national and international activities
  • Keep school and other University related entities up to date on our service initiatives


Director of Fundraising

  • Current Executive Board Member(s): Jon Troffa and Shae Brunette
  • Responsible for creation, planning, organization and execution of fundraisers for ABLE’s larger vents, such as the bi-annual trip and the ABLE Formal
  • Responsible for any additional fundraisers, and should be willing to look for opportunities to increase ABLE’s cashflow at every event
  • Responsible for collaboration with other branches of the executive board, such as helping teach interns fundraising and relationship building skills, as well as collaborative events with the community service president and the events coordinators. The Director of Fundraising should be willing to discuss a request of funds from the treasurer without hesitation.
  • Must maintain transparency and integrity with all business transactions: receipts and data sets must be presented to the executive board, especially treasurer, on a regular basis.
  • Responsible for keeping a healthy relationship with merchandising companies and building relationships with new suppliers


Events Coordinator

  • Current Executive Board Member(s): Rebecca Bitman and Grace Firman
  • Reach out to venues to set up various social events
  • Finalize plans for any trips and create itineraries for the trips
  • Keep organized spreadsheets/lists for all details regarding social events
  • Plan multiple small and large events each semester
  • Must be able to think on your feet and effectively problem solve
  • Report estimated total costs per event to treasurer to get approval for the event
  • Must plan Montreal in the Fall Semester and Formal & Dippikill in the Spring Semester
  • Must be able to lead a large group in public, so public speaking is essential
  • Needs to be organized and transparent with plans and communication for the entire club
  • Must be able to travel outside of the country
  • *Note: MUST be able to work well with other events coordinator in order to ensure successful planning and implementation of events